About Riversdale

In July 2020, a change to Boroondara’s electoral structure was announced, following a review by the Victorian Electoral Commission.

The number of wards has increased from 10 to 11, all of them single-member wards.  The new ward is Riversdale Ward and it shares a boundary with Glenferrie, Junction and Gardiner Wards.

The main borders are Yarra River, Tooronga Road, Manningtree Road and Burwood Road. For more information on all of the ward boundaries, visit the Boroondara Council website.

The 2019 Estimated Resident Population for Riversdale Ward is 15,395 with a population density of 40.42 persons per hectare (381 hectare land area). Riversdale Ward has diverse housing density with single blocks and medium-sized apartment developments.

It also includes:

And so much more!  Riversdale is a vibrant community with a rich architectural history, stunning parks and excellent public transport.

What would you like to see happen locally?  How can it be improved? What are your hopes for our community as we adapt to our rapidly changing world? Email me at susan.biggar@Boroondara.vic.gov.au