The two of us - Jane & Jon Rolfe

First published in Good Weekend in 2011. JANE:  I met Jon at a work Christmas party. One of my colleagues said to him, “Be careful of Jane; she’s dangerous.” That piqued his interest. My first impression was that he was confident and smooth – almost a bit too smooth. The second time we met he told […]

A healing holiday

This piece won the a National Literary Award from the Fellowship of Australian Writers in 2005. It was the Jennifer Burbidge Short Story Award. An abbreviated version was later published in Melbourne’s, Sydney’s and Canberra’s Child in 2006. Our family just returned from an extraordinary 12-day holiday. We got away from it all: no dishes, laundry, answering machines, school […]

A lifelong exercise

First published in Melbourne’s Child in 2007. It’s 7:30 on a Monday morning in our house. In the midst of making lunches and pulling the Sultana Bran and Fruity Bix out of the cupboard, I’m trying to get my 8-year-old to cough into a cup. Over the weekend he has developed a cough and, in […]